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Monthly Plan

  • Customized Ayurvedic Diet Plans
  • Weekly Nutrition Consultations
  • Chat Support for Dietary Guidance
  • Ayurvedic Recipe Highlights
  • Wellness Tips Weekly
  • Personalized Yoga, Meditation
  • Monthly Ayurveda Insights

Quarterly Plan

  • Custom Ayurvedic Diet Plans
  • Weekly Expert Consultations
  • Unlimited Chat Support
  • Bi-weekly Ayurvedic Recipes
  • Weekly Wellness Tips
  • Personalized Yoga Guidance
  • Monthly Ayurveda Insights
  • Maintenance Diet Plan
  • Kitchen Ingredient E-Book
  • Yoga for Health E-Book

Why SatvikMeal?

At SatvikMeal, we believe in the power of nature to heal and nourish your body. Our diet plans are rooted in Ayurveda and Naturopathy, offering a personalized approach to health and wellness. Join us on this journey towards a balanced and harmonious life.




Dr. Priyanka Pareek

BNYS From Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur In 2017

Dr. Yogesh Pareek

BNYS From Sangai International University, Manipur In 2022

Benefits of SatvikMeal

Holistic Wellness

Experience a holistic approach to health that considers both physical and mental well-being.

Nutritional Guidance

Receive personalized diet plans with expert guidance to meet your health goals.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda and Naturopathy for a balanced and natural way of living.

Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded individuals on a journey to wellness.

How To Subscribe

Step – 1 : Click on Join Now

Begin your SatvikMeal journey by clicking on the “Join Now” button. This simple and intuitive step initiates your enrollment process, allowing you to access the transformative world of Satvik nutrition tailored to your individual needs.

Step – 2 : Join Our Group

After clicking “Join Now,” you’ll seamlessly become a part of our SatvikMeal community. Joining our group connects you with like-minded individuals on the same wellness journey. It fosters a supportive environment where you can share experiences and gain inspiration from others embracing the Satvik lifestyle.

Step – 3 : Get Your Personalized Diet Plan

Once you’ve joined our group, the next step involves receiving your personalized diet plan. Our nutrition experts, rooted in Ayurveda and Naturopathy, curate a customized plan based on your health goals and dosha analysis. This plan is designed to nourish your body and bring balance, providing you with the tools to embark on a holistic wellness journey.

Satvik Meal, led by Dr. Priyanka Pareek, has been a true game-changer for my health. Her holistic approach and personalized diet plans have made a positive impact on my well-being. I highly recommend their services.

Rahul Sharma

Dr. Yogesh Pareek's dedication to natural therapies at Satvik Meal has been a blessing. The incorporation of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments in my personalized plan has truly transformed my health journey.

Nisha Gupta

Satvik Meal's focus on education and empowerment sets them apart. The nutritional counseling provided by their team has given me the knowledge and tools to make informed choices for my health every day.

Akash Singh

Dr. Yogesh Pareek's commitment to personalized consultations at Satvik Meal is commendable. The emphasis on natural therapies has not only improved my health but also inspired me towards sustainable well-being.

Ananya Patel

Satvik Meal's customized diet plans, crafted by their expert team, have been instrumental in achieving my health goals. The collaboration between doctors and dieticians makes their approach truly holistic.

Rohit Kapoor

Dr. Priyanka Pareek's passion for non-invasive therapies is reflected in Satvik Meal's approach. The transformative potential of nature is evident in the positive changes I've experienced in my health.

Arjun Reddy

Dr. Yogesh Pareek's unwavering support and personalized consultations have been instrumental in my health journey. Satvik Meal is not just a service; it's a partner in promoting sustainable well-being through natural therapies.

Ayesha Khan

Satvik Meal's focus on education and empowerment sets them apart. The nutritional counseling provided by their team has given me the knowledge and tools to make informed choices for my health every day.

Siddharth Verma